Monday, January 11, 2010

Johnnie & Homer Bailes radio transcriptions Vol. 1

Today I`m posting an LP of Bailes Brothers radio transcriptions. This is good, hardcore country here folks.
Now this does not feature the whole Bailes Brothers outfit. I believer there were at least four brothers that played in various combinations as well as all together from time to time.
As far as I`m concerned the Bailes Brothers were GREAT, regardless of what combination of them I`ve listened to.
Hope you all enjoy this one!!

Notes from the back LP cover---

Track list---

Click here to download The Bailes Brothers, Johnnie & Homer


  1. This looks great, and I hope there's more to come! 7Zip is telling me that track 18 is broken, however.

    Thanks for the upload! :)

  2. I re-uploaded the LP. Give it a try and let me know if it works now.

  3. Bear Family released a really nice CD of their commercial sides with great sound. Old Homestead not known for quality mastering! But you have to appreciate Old Homestead all the same.

  4. Yeah, Old Homestead releases are usually muffled sounding from "over restoration". BUT--they have issued some things we may never have got to hear at all.