Monday, February 8, 2010

Leslie Keith - Black Mountain Blues

Here`s a fine LP. Leslie Kieth was one of those fiddlers that fell between old time and bluegrass. He was a fiddler from a generation sort of after Fiddlin` Arthur Smith and Clayton McMichen in style, but still not quite the hot, breakneck speed of a bluegrass fiddler. I like the singing with the fiddling. I also like his old-time banjo picking on this.
Likely the one huge thing of note about Leslie Kieth is the tune Black Mountain Blues he wrote, which fiddler Tommy Magness turned into one of the most well known show off fiddle tunes today, Black Mountain Rag. I`m pretty sure you`ll all like this one!

I have deleted the download link as I just got an email that this is available from the people who now own the rights to this LP. It can be bought at Sierra Records at


  1. Hi,

    Thank you very much for all the work you put in. I really appreciate that you post rare or long lost records.

    I note you are able to scan the covers in full, which is very much appreciated, but don't scan the backs in the same way. This creates 2 problems. Firstly I don't know how to paste the bits back together and in the end usually give up and discard them. Secondly it makes it very difficult to catablogue the album as often key information has been excluded (LP number, who issued it, original or reissue etc). In some cases you haven't included the track lists which makes it even more difficult to catalogue accurately.

    A particular problem I haven't been able to resolve is the recent Junior Samples albums - where we have a mess of tracks and a number of albums but no rel info on what wwhich tracks were on which album.

    Any help would be appreciated, particularly if you could include full scans of the backs.

    Thank you,


  2. I can`t scan anything as big as an album cover. That`s why the backs are in pieces, I have to turn the cover on the scanner to get all the writing. The fronts I take a picture with my camera. You couldn`t read the backs just from a camera picture. I had just recently started posting scans of the backs. I don`t know how to put different scans together to make one picture.
    I almost wish I hadn`t even put all the Junior samples stuff on here. Seems no one was satisfied with me just posting the material. ALL, and I mean ALL of his issued tracks are there. About 1/4 of the tracks are repeats from one LP to another, it was a cheap way to take 4 LP`s worth of material and issue it on 6 LP`s to make more $$.
    I post & collect purely for content, not all the technical information. The blog page & downloads are FREE, take what you can get. If you don`t like the way I do this, don`t look, go somewhere else to download it for free. Oh wait a minute----it`s not available anywhere else! I`m not just picking on you personally Donna. There are other blogs I might like to see done different also, but when it`s free to get the stuff I don`t feel like I have a right to ask for more. Besides, it takes a good deal of time to do this, especially 78`s. To post an LP, it takes about 1 hour to dub the record and enter track names and such, 1/2 to 1 hour working with taking and editing pictures and scans, 1/4 to 1/2 hour to upload the files to the file service, maybe as long as an hour to write the blog and arrange the pictures on the blog page and fix the link to the music files.
    It takes anywhere from 2 to maybe 5 hours to dub 78`s, trying to get the sound good and such.
    You won`t likely ever see me getting to deep in the technicalities of the LP`s, that`s not what I`m interested in personally. It`s all about the content to me. The technical information on the 78`s post is as deep as I intend to get on that. Just too much time tied up in the technical type stuff for me. All I want to say in my posts are a little bit of a description of the material and why I like this stuff. I love to hear from you folks in the comment section, but please just stick to talking about the content of the records.
    Please remember one major thing, this is FREE!!!! You get what you pay for. Enjoy what is here, please.

  3. I couldn't agree more. It's great to be able to listen to records that are hard to find if not impossible to obtain.
    Make it Keith though

  4. Ha, I did get the last name spelled wrong, miss-fired when typing I guess. I fixed that. I don`t mind that kind of criticism!!

  5. Thank you for your response. You are quite correct to say that the music is the key thing. I understand your problem with the scanner because I have the same problem and am forced to paste together 2 or more scans to produce the complete front or back.

    My real problem is that in the UK and other parts of Europe there is now legislation to control downloading. The ISPs now have a duty to monitor and report users activities. In the UK it works basically on a three strikes and you're out principle. However the media companies who pushed for the legislation were too greedy. They failed to ensure that it is workable as they overlooked that a lot of downloading, particularly of older type music which interests me, is actually legal because either the intellectual property rights or the copyright have expired; the music is in the public domain; the music is from transcripts; the music is down-loadable under the GNU license or the music is downloaded with the authority of the rights holder.

    Because the legislation effectively assumes that you are guilty unless you can prove otherwise I have been advised that to be on the safe side I need to demonstrate that anything I download is legal. In practise where copyright has not expired it would appear from actions to date that if the music is regarded as of historic interest and not commercially available no legal action will be taken. However it is up to the individual to prove they are acting within the law. The easiest way is to catalogue the album and then check availability against the public records. This is very difficult to do without knowing basic details such as the label, issue number or session numbers, date of issue or track listing.

    What makes this more pressing is that some bloggers who are aware of the law are deliberately flouting it by changing running orders to disguise the album, not posting album covers or using posting made up ones. In some cases albums are being posted with doctored original covers with the title modified and the record company logo pasted over with a fictitious one to disguise the fact that the album is commercially available. In other cases the bloggers are claiming albums to be rare or unobtainable when in fact they currently available. Even with 78s there is a problem because a record company issuing an album of old 78 music can claim copyright to the product. If similar tracks are downloaded directly from 78s, as some blogs specialise in, then only by fully listing the provenance of the music is it possible to demonstrate that it does not breech the copyright.

    At a personal level I also have the problem that because people don't check the authenticity of what they post; because record companies issue the same music (and sometimes complete albums) under different titles and because artists since the earliest days of recording have breeched contracts by recording under false names I get a lot of duplicates which I don't want. I catalogue my music to reduce this duplication as much as possible.

    As you must be aware many blogs simply ignore official guidelines and we have seen several closed down recently. Others have changed the way they post to review new material rather than make it available for download.

    I don't want to imply here that I have any doubts about the music you post. It is very clear that you make every effort to ensure that you are posting rare and unusual albums which are long out of print. You have opened my eyes to musicians and music I would never have come across elsewhere and I can only thank you for that.

    I would apologise for this long comment. At the end of the day I don't want to see you closed down (which I believe is very unlikely) because I appreciate what you do, but if similar legislation comes to the States then you may need to rethink the way you post topics in the way other blogs have done.

  6. I try to make sure nothing I post has been re-issued. If I understand right, in the USA, any recording 80 years old or older is in the public domain, so that would get all us bloggers of the hook for stuff that is that old at least.
    I agree some of the laws are totally crazy. What does it really hurt to share some material that hasn`t been re-issued and likely never will be? If the material isn`t currently available to buy new commercially, no one makes any royalties anyhow.
    I have read that there is some legislation waiting for review in Washington D.C. to sort of actually remove some restrictions on older copyright material, apparently reducing the copyright to something like 20 years or something like that. Let`s all hope that goes through if it ever get brought up for a vote in congress!!
    When I started this blog I HAD intended to also list the record label and number, but I guess I`d forgot and overlooked that. Sometime with a little internet search under label names a discography for a lot of labels can be found. Some are actually very informative, others are just a list of release numbers and titles.

  7. Love the mix of bluegrass and old time on this album. A lot of younger string bands are starting to move in this direction. Thanks for posting this lp!

  8. Thanks for the great info about Leslie Keith - I had the pleasure of attending one of his last live performanes in Tucson AZ back in maybe 1975 or so. Check out Wikipedia, maybe you can help expand the entry there as well?

    Thanks again!

  9. Hey Allen, Thank you for this cool download of Leslie Keith. I grew up around the corner from him in Downey, CA. and his son Jerry was of my best friends in the neighborhood. Leslie used to tell us stories from back in the old days and on occasion break out the ol' fiddle for a few tunes, but who listens to stories when you're a kid. Leslie eventually moved to Tucson, AZ. and lived there until he died in 1977. I still have my original vinyl LP of this release he gave to me back in the 70's so it's great that you posted this so I can keep mine sealed and still hear some great music. Love the blog, thanks for keeping the music alive, and I will be back. Thank you again, KQ

  10. It is funny, how ppl 'with rights' on LP, CD, DVD trying to keep away everybody in the World away from getting to know what they own rights for, ha ha..

    ...with prices on the market and amount of crap these people trying to push THERE IS NO WAY I'm spending money on something 'right owners' won't let me listen to in advance!

    ..I'll make a note NOT TO BUY this, ha ha..

    Thank you for your honest time and effort!