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Here is something new I`m going to try with 78`s. I will post a picture of the label with the disc information beside the picture, I`ll also try to mention if the recording is an acoustic recording (recorded with a horn, pre-microphones). Some of these have great sound and are nearly new condition, some don`t sound so good and have lots of wear. I don`t believe any of this material has been re-issued on LP or cd, some are quite rare.
There will be no track list, the songs with the pictures will be in the order of the songs in the download. The download link will be at the end of the post as usual. Hope you all like this material!

Sourwood Mountain/Cumberland Gap - Gibbs & Watson, this is from Columbia masters by Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett, put out on a cheaper label by Columbia, recorded Sept. 11 & 12, 1924, acoustically recorded.

Only A Step To The Grave/If I Could Only Blot Out The Past - Supertone 9373 This is from Gennett masters by Kirk McGee & Blythe Poteet, put out on a label that was sold by Sears department stores. Recorded November 27, 1928.

Polecat Creek-Waltz/My Two Sweethearts-Waltz - Victor V-40240, Jimmie Wilson`s Catfish String Band, recorded Oct. 17, 1929.

The Death Of John Henry/Little Brown Jug - Champion 15198 This is from Gennett masters issued as Herb Jennings. This is actually Welby Toomey, recorded October of 1926, acoustically recorded.

The Farmer Feeds Them All/Jim Blake, The Engineer - Montgomery Ward 4334. Most, if not all, Montgomery Ward records are from Victor masters. Frank Wheeler & Monroe Lamb, recorded May 27th & 28th, 1930.

Georgia Railroad/John Henry - Columbia 15019-D by Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett. Recorded September 11th & 12th, 1924, acoustic recording.

Barn Dance On The Mountain Part 1 & 2, Broadway 8137 by The Great Gap Entertainers. Broadway was a subsidiary label of Paramount. This is from Paramount master as the Lookout Mountain Revelers, recorded June 1928. This is a pretty rare one and pretty exciting to hear as the performers are Lowe Stokes, Bert Layne & Claude Davis. This is sort of a spin off group from the Skillet Lickers and this recording is a skit sort of like the Skillet Lickers recordins of Corn Licker Still In Georgia, etc.

The Death Of John Henry/Roving Gambler - Gennett 6005. This is by Welby Toomey, recorded October 1926. This is the Same recording of The Death Of John Henry as the one above on Champion by Herb Jennings. Although the label syas "New Electrobeam" (Gennetts trade name for an electrically recorded disc, using microphones) this is pretty obviously an acoustic recording. Acoustic recordings have sort of a flat sound, that is no depth of tone. Several labels would issue extra pressings of acoustic recordings with electric marked labels.

Jennie Lind Polka/Nellie Gray - OKeh 40211. Recorded by Whitter`s Virgina Breakdowners July 16, 1924. Acoustic recording. Great string band sound in what is now called the Round Peak style.

Hello Aloha/Last Night I Was Dreaming Of You - Broadway 8018 by Jack Penewell from Paramount masters. Date of recording unknown to me. I like where the label says "Twin Six Guitar", these two sides are Hawaiian guitar, very well played I might add!

Will You Love Me When I`m Old/True And Trembling Breakman - Challenge 269. These are from Gennett masters, recorded by Aulton Ray April 27th, 1927. Aulton Ray was a member of Taylor`s Kentucky Boys. Challenge was a label issued by Sears department stores.

Liza Jane/O! Susanna - Silvertone 3261, issued as Tom Watson. This is from Columbia masters recorded by Riley Puckett, Sept. 11th, 1924, acoustic recording. Riley Puckett is well known to fans of old-time music as a member of the Skillet Lickers and also his own solo recordings. This is from an early session in his recording career. What makes this a noteworthy record is that although Riley was a famous back-up guitarist, he plays clawhammer banjo on this disc.

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  1. This is fantastic! I love old-timey 78s, five me more more more!


  2. Thanx! love those old sounds!

    A suggestion: since those are mono tracks recorded with a stereo system, you can improve the quality of the recordings considerably with no sound damage simply by doing a full mix of the two channels. (best done on the wave file before converting to mp3).


  3. Great stuff. I like your 78's better than "John's 78s". Thanks. :)

  4. You did a great job scanning and cropping the Labels. I love looking at these images almost as much as listening to them.


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  6. Looking forward to these! Thanks.

  7. I love these - please keep posting - there's so little of this available online it's wonderful to see these songs not get lost to time.

  8. just cleaned out my dad's storage unit and found some old 78's trying to find out a way to get a value mostly old country music

    1. Maybe someone here will see your post and contact you.