Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lew Childre - Old Time Get-Together

Here`s a great Starday LP. I believe this is the only LP Lew Childre ever made, although he had a few 78`s in the early 30`s and early 50`s.
Lew was a great entertainer. He was a walking old song library. I`ve heard some radio transcriptions and it`s pretty hard to believe the wide range of styles of songs he knew and adapted to his own special style of playing Hawaiian type guitar and singing.
Lew had started out entertaining by busking, graduated to the medicine show circuit, and finally "hitting it big". He was one of the more popular acts on the Grand Ole Opry in the mid and late 40`s, often performing duets with The Kentucky Wonder, Stringbean.
Lew was also a famous fisherman. He and his son had a company that made and sold handmade cane fishing poles and also developed some of their own fishing lures!
Here are the notes from the back of the LP (just click on the pictures to enlarge)----

This LP is just like a live show, so I have just left it as 2 tracks, side 1 & 2 from the LP. You all will surely like this one!

Click here to download Lew Childre - Old Time Get-Together

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