Monday, December 7, 2009

Junior Samples, Junior Samples, Junior Samples!!

Here is something I don`t believe you`ll find anywhere on the internet. All of Junior Samples released sides! As far as I know this is everything ever released by Junior Samples. I`ll not go into any biography stuff, I looked some on the internet and it`s plenty easy to find information about Junior if you want to. As far as I know there was 6 LP`s issued of Junior, many of the LP`s had repeat tracks from other LP`s. I`d venture to say that if none of the LP`s had repeat material that only 4 LP`s would hold all the tracks. I have went through and picked the repeat tracks that had the best sound quality to post here. The only LP that is posted as it was issued is Bull Session At Bull`s Gap with Archie Campbell. As always, click on any image to enlarge it.
So here he is, the great funny man, Junior Samples!!!

Cover from Moonshining---

Cover from That`s A Hee Haw---

Click here to download Moonshining & That`s A Hee Haw

Cover for The Best Of Junior Samples----

Cover from The World Of Junior Samples---

Click here to download The Best Of and The World Of Junior Samples.

Cover from Bull Session At Bull`s Gap---

Click here to download Bull Session At Bull`s Gap

Cover for Star Of Hee Haw----


  1. Great post , but , Best of and world of is missing tons of tracks any chance of uploading these separately with covers Steve

  2. The tracks missing are repeats on the other lp`s. I didn`t see any need to have the same track on more than once just because the same track is on more than one lp. I just went through and picked the repeat track that had the best sound quality and posted that particular track. A couple or 3 of my LP`s aren`t in too good condition. So as I said, all tracks released are here, just not all as released on each and every lp, although the track is identical from one lp to another. They are not alternate takes on different lp`s. Acouple of the lp`s are sort of like a "re-packaging" of the same material. Starday was one label famous for doing this.

  3. By the way, be sure you found all 3 download links scattered down through the post. I don`t usually do that, but thought it was neat to have the link with the particular lp in the download. The Star Of Hee Haw lp don`t have a link because it is such a rough condition lp I didn`t use it because all the tracks on this lp are on the other lp`s.

  4. It is possible that some singles were released on 45 that didn`t make it onto an lp. I don`t know about this or if there was any un-released tracks either.

  5. Out of Moonshining and That's a Hee Haw I only got 13 tracks. Could you, by chance, fix it? Thanks in advance.

  6. The missing tracks are repeat tracks on the other LP`s. None of the released tracks are missing if you download all 3 downloads.

  7. Thank you AA, loved JS on HeeHaw as a kid. These will be a lot of fun. I got all 3 downloads. I understand what you did with the consolidation, so that's OK.


  8. thank you, AA, JS Would be happy, that people can still listen to, something he loved doing, besides fishing. HF

  9. The little town I now live in does a Hee Haw show every year for a fund raiser, so I was glad to stumble on to this site and find these albums. Downloaded all three files. However I can not get Junior and the Doctor (Moonshining & That`s A Hee Haw) to unzip - it keeps telling me the file is corrupt. Have tried four times with the same result. Any chance you could repost it. Thanks in advance

  10. Now, you know, Junior is my Buddha. I've come to Nirvana with dish here site, Thanx (all choked up...)