Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lew Childre update

My good friend Robert Montgomery just sent me an un-released song for Lew Childre`s Old Time Get-Together LP. So I thought I`d post the song along with some pictures of a couple souvenir books I have. Thanks for the song Robert!!
Pictures from Lew`s own book---

Play guitar just like Lew!!---

Get a Lew Childre fishing pole here!!---

Pictures from Lew & The Duke Of Paducah`s souvenir book---

Were you there??!!---

Click here to download Lew Childre`s Big Rock Candy Mountain


  1. Thanks for posting this Allen. I collect stuff my grandfather was a part and I've never seen this "blue" program before! Thanks again!

  2. Wow! The grandson of the famous bass player, Jr. Husky, looks at my blog! Thanks for the kind words, and you`re welcome for the program.