Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Howard Vokes LP`s

Right here is some hard-core country! Unfortunately, Howard Vokes never made the BIG big time. He is likely virtually unknown actually. I done a quick internet search and there are a few good biographical pages on him, so I`ll not go into that here.
I mentioned he is pretty obscure, but apparently was a pretty well know regional artist in the east. His material runs from somewhat novelty numbers to drinking, broken heart songs and also tragedy and disaster type songs. The tragic and disaster type songs seem to have been his specialty. He made a record for Starday that was just disaster and tragedy songs. It`s morbid ,but it`s great!! The Starday LP has been issued on cd in the last few years and I highly recomend getting it.
When Howard is really bearing down on a good tragic number, he will surely remind you of Roy Acuff singing. The sound of his band is even Roy Acuff and the Smoky Mountain Boys-ish sounding. Roy even recorded a song or two Howard was known for, such as A Plastic Heart, Willie Roy, The Crippled Boy and Mountain Guitar.
Give these two LP`s a listen, I bet you`ll like them. If you like these I highly recommend getting the Starday cd mentioned above.

Track list for Pennsylvania`s King Of Country Music---
A Plastic Heart
Your Kisses And Lies
Keep Cool But Don`t Freeze
Empty Victory
West Of The Yukon
Break The News
It Takes Six Men To Carry A Man To His Grave
(But Only One Woman To Put Him There)
Judge Of Hearts
My Weeping Heart
Born Without A Name
I Was A Fool
Tomorrow Is My Last Day

Click here to download Pennsylvania`s King Of Country Music

Track list for Tears At The Grand Ole Opry
This Prison I`m In
Ghost Of A Honky Tonk Slave
The One I Once Knew
If This World Wants Peace
Willie Roy, The Crippled Boy
Mountain Guitar
Tears At The Grand Ole Opry
Down In The Hollow
The Polka From Outer Space
It`s All Right Now
Keep Cool But Don`t Freeze

Click here to download Tears At The Grand Ole Opry


  1. What happened with friends of old time music it went private .Any idea

  2. Howard Vokes was interesting . . . found a few songs I enjoyed, plus one of the all-time best TITLES -- It Takes Six Men To Carry A Man To His Grave (But Only One Woman To Put Him There)

    Thank you!

    KC MO

  3. Thanks David. Howard was definately an under-rated artist.

  4. I've never heard of this fellow before, but I really like him! There is certainly a marked resemblance to Roy Acuff's sound. Several good songs here I really like "It takes Six Men To Carry a Man To His Grave" and "Willie Roy the Blind Boy". Thank you so much for posting - keep the good old music coming - it's really appreciated!

  5. Like these LP's. I heard a few songs from this artist that I really liked. Old Shep, if you are a dog lover this will be for you. The second is that Silver haired daddy of them