Monday, November 30, 2009

Kalama`s Quartette - Early Hawaiian Classics

Here is a good LP from the Folklyric label, number 9022. There is some great music here, even though I of course don`t speak Hawaiian, so I can`t understand a word they are singing. I listen mostly to the instruments playing, but even though I can`t understand their language on the songs they sing in Hawaiian, I still enjoy the sounds and especially the harmony of their voices.
I don`t know anything about these guys, so I`m just posting the notes from the back of the album cover, which were written by Bob Brozman. There is likely nobody that is more knowledgeable about Hawaiian music, especially lap slide style.
As you listen to this, keep in mind, if it wasn`t for this type lap slide playing, we might not have pedal steel, electric lap steel and dobro in country music today. All the acoustic resonator instruments were invented as a way to amplify volume for Hawaiian lap style guitarists. When these instruments such as the National Tri-Cone, National "biscuit" style resonator and the dobro style guitar were developed, it was more volume the inventors were looking for, not the unique tone each of these types of instruments produced. The same goes for electric guitars. The first electric guitars were Hawaiian style, that is made to play laying down.
Here are the notes from the back of the LP cover (click on them to enlarge them)---

Track listing----

Click here to download Kalama`s Quartette - Early Hawaiian Classics


  1. hey thanks for this one I've had nothing but an old cassette of it for years.

  2. File is now corrupt. I have downloaded it twice, both times I got an error when trying to unzip.



  3. File isn't corrupt and this is definitely worth a listen!

  4. Good God, "He Manao Healoha" is one of my fave songs on earth. Wait, island.

  5. Good deal Krunkaslona. Glad you found it.

  6. Would love to hear this one some time. Zippy link expired. Also love to hear 78 collections 4 and 5. Best wishes and many thanks for some great tunes.

    1. As of July 4th, 2014, all three links are fixed. Happy downloading!