Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wade Mainer - First Time In Stereo - Homestead 90002

Here`s a mighty good record if you like Wade Mainer. It`s seems to be the first record made since his 78 days back in the late 30`s or early 40`s. The liner notes explain some about why he had quit the music buissness and such.
I was very familiar with Wade`s old recordings, but just in the last 3 or 4 years heard some of his later recordings. His banjo picking is a 2 finger style, sort of sounding like a pre-Scruggs bluegrass style.
I got to meet Wade about 5 or 6 years ago at Uncle Dave Macon Days where they honored him that year. He was about 94 and his wife about 90. It was about 100 degrees that day and they gave a show about 45 minuets long! Wade and his wife are still living and I believe he is 102!!
If you watch PBS any, you might catch Wade and his wife on a music show (I can`t remember the name of the show at the moment) from a few years ago. I believe Wade is 98ish on this show. It`s also a good show because they interview him some and it`s pretty interesting. Hope you like this one!!

Click here to download Wade Mainer - First Time In Stereo


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  2. I love that album cover. I don't have many resources of two finger style banjo, thanks for posting!

    Check out:

  3. Yet another really great one! I love Wade Mainer.

  4. can someone hand us details of where mainer lives? i hear concord but where? its not concord in massachussets, is it? i´d be happy for any hbint where to contact him ! michael

  5. I'm studying 2-finger and don't have a big collection of it to get the music in my ears. This is really helpful!