Thursday, February 18, 2010

Obray Ramsey Sings Folksongs From The Three Laurels

Here`s a another good Obray Ramsey LP. Not that it`s any better or not as good as the others! I like all his music. There really isn`t anything more I can say about him, so if you want to learn a little more about him just check out the other posts of his material. As always, just click on any picture to enlarge it. Enjoy!!

Click here to download Obray Ramsey Sings Folksongs From The Three Laurels


  1. Thanks for this post, Allen! It's a shame the one Obray LP has a skip on one of the songs - I don't recall the name, but it was one of the other two I've pulled from you. I've loved his singing ever since I heard him do "Groundhog" on a Bascom Lunsford documentary, and a CD reissue would truly be great. Such a shame old-time is a niche market, yet the copyright folks always hound the vinyl posters for sharing stuff NOT COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE.

    Rant aside, this looks promising, and thank you again.


  2. I love this old stuff , I learn new intersting ways of incorporating differnt styles into my own banjo playing

  3. Thanks for the good words. And Kegan---my sentiments exactly on the "music buisness"!

  4. Wow... So MANY thanks for this. Due to your efforts, nearly all of Obray's work in now available for all to hear once again. Off the top of my head the only remaining LPs are the Jimmie Rodgers one and the White Lightnin' on ABC. Thanks for giving us all the chance to get acquainted with this character!