Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jenks "Tex" Carman self titled LP on the Sage label

Here is a mighty unusual LP, or at least a might unusual performer! Jenks Carmen is one of the most unusual artists. He was popular in California from the 40`s up into the early 60`s and performed on the Town Hall Party TV show with people like Joe Maphis. He played guitar in the old Hawaiian style, that is just a regular flat top type Martin in the laying down position, and was both adept at playing breaks, solos and backing up his singing. What makes his guitar style so unusual was that the stacatto type style he played was popular in the teens up into the mid 20`s. It was the style of the "real" Hawaiians that migrated here from about the turn of the century till the mid 20`s.
His vocal stylings were something to behold too. He sang in a high, nasal toned voice. His singing matched his guitar stylings, stacatto. I`ll admit some people may not like his voice, I like to hear him myself. He was part Cherokee Indian and could speak the Cherokee language. On his song Hillbilly Hula, the words just sound like jibberish but it is in the Cherokee language. Also, he uses a Cherokee word that sounds like "chippeha" that he says sometimes that he said the meaning of is like when we might say "yee-haw" or "whoopee" when we hear something we like.
So---give ole Jenks a chance and listen to this, I think if you try it a couple times it will sort of grow on you.

Click here to download Jenks "Tex" Carman self titled LP


  1. I love colored vinyl...I'm not a big Tex fan, but I appreciate the upload.

    As for your other stuff, I've been looking for the rest of the Bradley Kincaid volumes, but he's pretty elusive. Curse my collective nature, but he was a good singer. I'm hoping to upload my collection soon; do you pay for your Mediafire account by any chance? Everything you've got is always able to be downloaded again, which I appreciate when I miss it the first go-around, but money's tight at the moment.

    You've got good tastes though, so thanks for all of the great posts.

  2. Hey Kegan---I do have a few more Bradley Kincaid LP`s I`ll get on here soon. The series that was my 1st post went on up to like 11 or 12 volumes someone told me, but the numbers higher than the discs I posted were released only on cassette. I don`t have a single one of the cassettes.
    Media Fire has a free & a pay option. I use the free option and get along with that fine. I have had trouble uploading a few times, but I think I finally have figured out what the problem is (my internet service actually).Looking forward to seeing your stuff uploaded!

  3. Hey Allen - I Googled, and you can get some of the cassettes online for about $13 apiece from an online music store I can't recall...maybe Venerable Music, but I'm not sure.

    Seems a bit high in my opinion, for a cassette at least, but just thought I'd let you know. It's a shame his works aren't available on CD too thoroughly; volumes one and two of "Old Time Hymns" was released on CD, and I had it for a time until I saw your posting - since the quality was the same, or close to it, I sold my CD and bought some more music. I think maybe Old Homestead was the re-issuer brand for that compilation.

    Thanks for the Medfire info; I'll keep it in mind.

    All the best - Kegan

  4. I just heard him on the Michael Bane Blog and I loved it. Good to see this here.

  5. Allen I love your site! It in my opinion is one of the best blogs there is and I visit every day! You are missing 2 great artist that in a few short months will be in heavens choir for 50 years, Please add some Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins because they are 2 of my favorites!

  6. Hello Duke---I`ll likely not ever post stuff by these 2 artists as there are many posts of their material on other blogs (the ones I link to from here). Also, they are a little out of the scope of what I want to post on my blog. Not that I don`t like them, I do, especially Copas.