Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Henry Whitter 78`s on OKeh

 Here is the rest of the Henry Whitter 78`s I have on the OKeh label. That only leaves fourteen sides on OKeh I don`t have. I`ll post his Victor recordings I have in the next week or so. Happy downloading!

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40229
The Kaiser And Uncle Sam / The Broken Engagement Blues
recorded December 10, 1923
The Kaiser And Uncle Sam is actually the old tune All Night Long, curious title change for sure, The Broken Engagement is a common old time tune

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40237
Travelling Man / Ellen Smith
recorded November 20, 1924
Travelling Man is an old "coon" song, Ellen Smith is a common old-time tune

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40269
Rabbit Race / Farewell To Thee
recorded November 20, 1925
Rabbit Race is a harp solo in the vein of The Fox Chase, Farewell To Thee is a harp and guitar solo, strangely enough, of the old Hawaiian song Aloha Oe

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40296
Watermelon Hanging On The Vine / Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy
recorded November 20, 1924
Watermelon Hanging On The Vine I believe is likely and old minstrel show number, Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy is likely a cover of Uncle Dave Macon`s record of the song, this is likely the first country cover of a hit record

Whitter`s Virginia Breakdowners / OKeh 40320
Black-Eyed Susan / `Round Town Girl
recorded July 16, 1924
Black-Eyed Susan is a common old fiddle tune, `Round Town Girls is what we now call Buffalo Gals

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40352
The Long Tounged Woman / The Dollar And The Devil
recorded November 10, 1924
The Long Tounged Woman is sort of a comedy song that was recorded later by Riley Puckett, The Dollar And The Devil is one I`ve never heard anywhere else but has a fine message in it

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40375
I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again / The Butcher Boy
recorded July 1, 1925 / April 23 or 24, 1925
I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again is a common old-time tune, I believe The Butcher Boy may go way back to England or Scotland

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40391
Lost John / Peek-A-Boo
Lost John isn`t the common harmonica solo tune, but is still a good number, Peek-A-Boo is the common waltz tune

 Henry Whitter / OKeh 45053
Goin` Down To Jordan To Be Baptized / Many Times With You I`ve Wandered
recorded April 22, 1926
Goin` Down To Jordan may have roots as a spiritual number, Many Times With You I`ve Wandered is sort of a unique tune that reminds me somewhat of the lyrics of I`m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes

Henry Whitter / OKeh 45063
The Burglar Man / A Woman`s Tounge Has No End
recorded October 18, 1926
both tunes are old comedy numbers, unfortunately on The Burglar Man side, Henry`s guitar isn`t in tune with his harmonica

Henry Whitter / OKeh 45081
The Broken Engagement / George Collins
recorded October 18, 1926
Here he has recorded The Broken Engagement with the words, George Collins was a common tune from the area where Henry lived, George Collins may have been a person from that area

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  1. thankyou again for this wonderful american music

  2. great stuff and thanks for all the hard work it takes to put this stuff up! Im new to blogging and I really like your blog. way to make obscure recordings more accessible! this stuff is to good to go unheard. cheers ~ Stymee

  3. While not as grand as the first installment, this is still nice to hear all these ancient tunes. THANX!

  4. this is the greatest blog. you have renewed my love for old time/ country music

  5. Thanks! We old-time fans need to stick together to ensure these sounds aren't lost.

    1. Yes! There`s so many artists that have never been heard since these records were issued new. Even if you don`t like them, a person should hear them at least one time.