Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grand Ole Opry January 15, 1949

 Here`s an unusual find from ebay. These are two home recording discs with live clips from the Grand Ole Opry. This is what was used at home before we all had cassette tapes. The machine would have likely been a combination record player/disc cutter with a radio built in.
Anyhow---the sound quality here is pretty good for this type of disc. Of course there is AM radio static and interference here and there throughout the tracks. Download and enjoy this rare snapshot!


Track list---
1. I Believe I`m Entitled To You - Ernest Tubb
2. Uncle Noah`s Ark - Gene Morgan
3. Where Could I Go But To The Lord - Roy Acuff
4. I Love You So Much It Hurts Me - Cowboy Copas
5. Wait For The Light To Shine - Roy Acuff
6. Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair - Bradley Kincaid
7.  I`m In A Crowd But Oh So Alone - Ernest Tubb

Click here to download Audiodisc Jan. 15, 1949


  1. wow, I wonder how many other similar home-recording gems are awaiting discovery out there!

    1. Likely thousands. I`ve saw these type discs many, many times at junk shopw that have no writing on the labels. Who knows whats on them? You can`t buy every one of them you see hoping for something you like though.

  2. did he just say "Uncle Noah build this f'in' Ark"?!

  3. Very nice. I still have my Dad's radio, record player and record cutter that he traded a log truck for in 1947. I also have several records that he cut of him self and local boys playing,singing and whistling. Telling poems and story's all the things that my brother and I did on our casett recorder in the early 60's. It is fun listening to my Dad, Mom, Aunt's, Uncle's and Grandparents playing and singing be for I was even born. I grew up listening to the Opry late at night fading in and out, the erie tones and the static just seems right to me. Thanks a lot for all your great work in finding the treasures

    1. That`s great you have all that stuff of your family!

  4. Thankyou for sharing these wonderful recordings