Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Mountainairs - Good Ole Mountain Music

 I had thought I wanted to post some old-time music today when I ran across this in the Archives. I know absolutely nothing about who or what the Mountainairs are or was. What we have here is some tunes bases solidly in old-time music. Style wise, the music is sort of an in-between performance style. They are sort of a mix of old-time, folk, skiffle, hootenanny etc. style is about the best way I can describe them. Anyhow... give it a listen as it`s still a pretty good LP. Enjoy!

Click here to download The Mountainairs - Good Ole Mountain Music


  1. Looks good, but the link is dead, sadly.

  2. I came across this record by chance, gave it a spin a month ago and it's been on heavy rotation since. Great pickin', gorgeous male/female harmonies, catchy melodies. I like it more each time I listen to it. Wish I knew more about this duo.

    1. I could find no information about them. Be interesting to know something about them.