Saturday, April 20, 2013

Del Wood - There`s A Tavern In The Town

 What we have here is some great country piano played by one of the best ever country pianists, Del Wood. Del Wood was, of course, on the Grand Ole Opry for many years after she had a hit with the great old ragtime song Down Yonder.
Sort of an interesting fact about her is that she had worked as a pianist in a music store that would play songs from sheet music that was for sale in the store for people to hear a sample of what they were thinking of buying. Sort of like downloading a snippet of a song on Amazon, etc. to see if you like it.
As far as the songs go on the LP, we have a good mix of old rags, old pop tunes and marches, all make great piano music in Del Wood`s hands. Enjoy!

Click here to download Del Wood - There`s A Tavern In The Town


  1. I think it was you who posted that grad piano LP by Slim Jim Wilson...that was also very nice. Is it still up?

  2. Sure is! Just search Slim "88" Wilson at the top left of the blog page.

  3. I love the old vaudevillian, ragtime types. Hope to see it come back some day. Doesn't hurt to dream.