Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Homer & Jethro - The Humorous Side Of Country Music

 How about some country humor today? Nobody could beat Homer & Jethro for country comic songs. They were also excellent musicians. Give it a listen!

Click here to download Homer & Jethro - The Humorous Side Of Country Music


  1. Thanks for the Homer and Jethro! Jethro Burns was one of the truly great mandolin players to come along. His efforts to get players to think outside the bluegrass and country boxes really expanded the reach of the mandolin in modern times.

  2. This blog is AMAZING, i've been following it about 4 years or more.

    Congratulations and lots of success!!!!!!

  3. Jethro Burns was an amazing character and a fine musician. I have an MP3 of an album of unknown origin called 4 Giants of Swing, which has Joe Venuti, Curley Chalker, Eldon Shamblin and Jethro Burns as the primary players. Years ago, a local bluegrass group called The Warren County String Ticklers made an album with Jethro doing Star Time on it. Burns had a really varied career.

  4. I remember this being with the radiogram when I was a kid. Loved it!