Sunday, March 24, 2013

Clyde Moody - A Country Tribute To Fred Rose

 Here`s a good LP featuring the great Clyde Moody. Of all the Roy Acuff stuff I`ve posted already, I picked this LP to post, not really realizing that the material here is Roy Acuff related music, as Fred Rose was Roy Acuff`s business partner in Acuff-Rose music publishing. Fred Rose also wrote many songs for Roy Acuff, and I think Roy had recorded all the tunes on this LP but two at one time or another.
Now don`t dismiss this LP as a Roy Acuff knock off, because it`s not. Clyde Moody had a style all his own. His nick-name was "The Country Waltz King" as he recorded many songs that were waltzes. He also was one of Bill Monroe`s Blue Grass Boys in the 1940`s. Clyde`s style is a mix of blues, country blues, bluegrass & 1940`s traditional country. He had a great voice and was also a fine guitarist in the old country-blues finger-picking style. I have other Clyde Moody material posted on the blog here, so get it all and give it a listen!

Click here to download Clyde Moody - A Country Tribute To Fred Rose


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  2. This is 1 man that NEVER GOT the recognition he deserves