Sunday, March 10, 2013

Roy Acuff - 3 tunes from 45`s

 Here is the three missing tunes mentioned in the last Roy Acuff post. In the last post, it was mentioned that Somebody Touched Me may be different than an earlier recording on Hickory, but it is the same I believe. Enjoy!

Click here to download Roy Acuff - 3 tunes from 45`s


  1. Wow - thanks for the treasure trove of Acuff Material - I think that I now have all his commercial recordings in MP3 format. Thanks for very much!

  2. And don`t forget, Bear Family is working on a set of ALL the ARC-Columbia material!

  3. Pliney Jane song by Roy is really cool and very hard to find, i don't know which album this song come from, or if is a single song!

    1. Sorry to be so slow to reply, Pliney Jane was only issued on a Columbia 78.