Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roy Acuff - Voices Of Vista

We have something different here. A recruiting LP for volunteers from about 1968. I have no idea what Vista is (or was). This is an interview with Roy Acuff with music, which is taken from records, not live music. They talk some about the history of the Grand Ole Opry, Roy`s history with the Opry and country music, about Roy`s partnership with Fred Rose. Happy listening!

Click here to download Roy Acuff - Voices Of Vista


  1. VISTA was an acronym for Volunteers In Service To America, it was an American Peace Corps that was started during the Johnson Administration as part of the War on Poverty.

  2. Just to add to Phillip Signey's comment: VISTA (and Johnson's whole anti-poverty movement) focused a lot of attention on Appalachia, which probably accounts for the interest that Roy Acuff had in the project.

  3. Sounds interesting; link is expired.