Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slim "88" Wilson - Country Honky Tonk Piano

Hello folks! Here`s a good LP if you like old honky tonk type piano.
I know, nor could find, absolutely nothing about this guy. This is an old LP of my mom`s, we used to listen to it all the time when I was a kid. I did find on the internet that this LP was issued in 1964. My mom has long been a fan of honky tonk, barrel house and ragtime piano. Give it a listen and enjoy it!!

Track listing---
Down Yonder
Listen To The Mockingbird
Comin` Around The Mountain
Golden Slippers
There`s A Tavern In The Town
Wabash Cannonball
Railroad Honkytonk
Buffalo Gal
Corina, Corina
Lonely Honkytonk

Click here to download Slim "88" Wilson - Country Honky Tonk Piano


  1. Well, the "Tavern in Town" track is also on a German compilation called "Best of Country & Western" on the Europa label, but credited to the "Nashville Gamblers". There were also other songs credited to the Nashville Gamblers, which may also belong to other groups. I posted the comp sometime ago on my blog. Search for it, it's worth hearing it! And thanks for the Oscar Ford info!

  2. Tracks show up on some crazy stuff sometimes, doesn`t it?

  3. thanks for all the great music. i am not so into the comedy which is actually fine since i feel less overwhelmed.
    there is a certain piano sound i am searching for. hope this is it. will let you know