Friday, October 23, 2009

Obray Ramsey & Byard Ray as White Lightnin` - Fresh Air

Well folks, here`s another LP by Obray Ramsey, this one is with his fiddling cousin Byard Ray. I`ve already posted another Obray Ramsey LP, so if you want to know what little information I know about Obray Ramsey, go read the other post. I don`t know any new information about him since the other post, although some people posted a little information about him in the comments on the LP.
This LP was recorded in 1970 for the Polydor label. This is a pretty unique record for an old-time banjoist & fiddler. They are playing with other musicians here, and they are sure enough not what we`d call old-time style musicians or instruments. There is electric guitar, drums & cello, pretty unusual for this type music. So, if you like Obray Ramsey, give this a listen!!

Track list---
Cumberland Gap
Up Country Blues
Life`s Railway To Heaven
Little Margaret
Orange Blossom Special
I`ll Be Your Baby Tonight
Billy In The Lowground
Farther Along
Liza Jane

Click here to download Obray Ramsey & Byard Ray as White Lightnin` - Fresh Air


  1. I have this album and your right this is grat. I went back and listened to it verry nice. But It was the only one of Obray's that I had found here in this location. Thanks for giving me more great music of Mr.Ramsey

  2. Great album indeed - wonderful liner notes. The sort of music you do buy, even though the 2nd hand lp is not really entirely mint... and what a line-up.

  3. Wow, I have never seen albums by Obray and completely forgotten about him. I have what I guess is another "White Lightning" album on Polydor, too lazy to dig for it, but it had a different cover and I remember it had Little Sparrow on it. The electric musicians were quite alarming on that one, even employing wah-wah pedal. Can't say I am too excited about hearing this one but I am really excited about hearing these other Obray albums.
    Thanks a bunch

  4. Fantastic album! Amazing blog! Thanks!!!

  5. I have a vinyl album by White Lightnin' called File Under Rock. It's on EMI Stateside SSL 10294 and dated 1969. The cousins are backed by Sam Brown / Len Novy / Ralph Casale on guitars, Chuck Rainey on bass, Herb Lovelle on drums, Dave Frischberg on piano and Jimmy Owens on trumpet and fluegel, and backing vocals by The Mighty Clouds Of Joy. It includes "Pretty Sparrow" and is obviously the album referred to by d.ross above. Very enjoyable. I bought it from a bargain bin here in the UK in about 1973. Sadly never reissued on CD, which is a shame as it's a great listen.

  6. Sorry, that should have been The Wondrous Joy Clouds. Different outfit altogether.

  7. Hey, just found your post of File Under Rock on this blog! Yeah, OK, the backing is a bit leftfield for a couple of old traditionalist pickers, but I rather like the contrast. These days this sort of mix-and-match is called Postmodernism, or cross-genre. If Steve Earle can go bluegrass, these guys should be able to go country rock!

  8. Obray does a fine job on Dylan's "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight", I just wish I could find out who that gal is singin' with him on that particular number, so's I could tell her she's outta key. Maybe then she could snake a contract with a big record co!

  9. This is great! I'm gonna sift through this website for other downloads! Thanks!!

  10. The woman on I'll Be Your Baby Tonight is Judy Collins

  11. I have been thinking about this record lately. I'm 62 and bought it nearly 50 years ago. Thank you for posting!! The version of "Little Margaret" is the one I've always heard in my head whenever the title comes up.