Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mother Maybelle Carter - jam session LP

Although this 2 disc LP is self titled, I give it the name Jam Session with Maybelle because that`s what it is, a jam session.
I`m not going to go into any history of Mother Maybelle, because it`s plenty easy to find information on the internet about her and all the other Carter Family folks.
So----I`ll just say a little bit about this LP---
As I said, it`s pretty much a jam session with Maybelle. I`ve heard other LP`s that were supposed to be spontaneous jam sessions with the artist, but this is the best one I`ve heard as far as it sounding like a genuine jam session. The people with Maybelle just talk with her and ask some questions about the old days and then Maybelle of someone else cooks up the idea of playing a certain number and then they`re off!! There are some flubs on some songs and such as that, making this LP feel like you`re really there at the jam with Maybelle.
That`s enough talk about this LP---just give it a listen for yourself!!

Track listing---
Good Old Mountain Dew
Arkansas Traveler
Black Mountain Rag
Wabash Cannon Ball
Rocky Top
Release Me
Hey Liberty
Chinese Breakdown
The Bells Of St. Mary`s
The World Needs A Melody
Never On Sunday
Tennessee Waltz
Red Wing
Wildwood Flower
Running Bear
Drunkard`s Hell
Sweet Allie Lee

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  1. Nice. I was the recipient of this LP after one of my wife's junk yard garage sale forays ( she buys antiques but is always alert...thankfully). I was, of course, ecstatic that she had such good sense to pick it up for 50 cents! It is in mint shape record wise with little cover wear as can be expected for being unsealed all these years. Imagine my delight when I slipped the dics out to discover a promo LP inserted in the back pocket containing another 30+ minutes of Mother Maybelle discussing the following:
    Autoharp & fingerpicking, favorite guitar pickers, first Grand Old Opry appearance,how maybelle style developed, thank you from musicians,do you still have original guitar, autoharp discussion, wildwood flower discussion,floyd cramer reference, kids dig style, college audiences, how many songs recorded in career, early recording and radio, early record sales, discussion about A.P and Sara Carter...
    How's that? I've had this lp for about three years and listened to it once. during the next two nweeks I will record it to CD, then transfer it to my computer and do my best to post it to you so you can offer this to everyone.

  2. Beautiful music. Does the cover list the musicians who played on it?
    Thanks so much for posting this!

  3. I really really love this album, thanks for putting it up.

  4. Do you know the date of the recordings on this one? And who are the other musicians?