Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jasper Bisbee on the Edison label

Hello folks, it`s been a while since I put any 78`s on here, so here we go!
All of these sides are old-time fiddlin`with piano accompaniment. I`m not going to go into anything on Jasper Bisbee because there is an article on him in a past issue of The Old-Time Herald magazine that is WAY better and more informative than anything I could write about him.
Click here to read Jasper Bisbee article.
It`s an extra interesting article that is very well written and tells some great stories about Mr. Bisbee meeting Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.
I`ve done about the best I could with noise reduction of these discs. The third and fourth songs are noisier than the other four songs as my record was worn pretty bad. The other four tunes turned out pretty good I think, these two discs are in near mint condition.
Happy listening!!

Track listing---
McDonald`s Reel - Edison 51278
Opera Reel With Calls - Edison 51278
Money Musk - Edison 51381
The Girl I Left Behind Me-Medley - Edison 51381
College Hornpipe - Edison 51382
The Devil`s Dream (Reel) - Edison 51382

Click here to download Jasper Bisbee`s complete Edison recordings.


  1. Thanks for these! Bisbee is an artist that never got the recordgnition he deserved being one of the first old-time fiddlers to record. I also wrote an article about him some months ago, but never saw a picture of him.

  2. Thanks - didn't have the College hornpipe. Years ago I got a couple CDs of "Oldest Timers," J Scott Skinner and various Americans - Mellie Dunham, Jasper, Uncle Jimmie, etc. Whole other world they lived in.