Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Phipps Family sings the Most Requested Sacred Songs Of The Carter Family

Hello folks, it`s Sunday so I`ve posted a gospel album called Most Requested Sacred Songs Of The Carter Family - Played & Sung In The Old Original Carter Family Style By The A.L. Phipps Family. That`s a mighty long title for an LP, but it is a pretty good LP!! I don`t really understand the "Sacred" part of the title though. Not all the songs on the album are sacred songs. We have a few songs of home, a tear jerker or two and a disaster song.
The Phipps family were from south east Kentucky, around the Barbourville area. Basically, the Phipps Family pretty much identically copy the Carter Family. Usually, a group that copies another great group never captures the "feel" of the group being copied, that is not the case with the Phipps Family. It`s uncanny how close the Phipps Family sounds like The Carter Family. Their singing is so much like the Carter`s it`s almost hard to tell them apart. A.P. Carter was well known not to sing in a regular fashion (he might sing his bass line on the first 2 lines of the first chorus, the last line of the 2nd chorus, or just whenever the mood stuck him I guess) and A.L. Phipps has the "mood" of A.P.`s singing down pretty dang good. Even the Phipps Family instrument styles pretty much totally reproduce the Carter Family`s instrumental styles.
Now I`m going to say something that might be considered blasphemy to country music fans, I`d rather hear the Phipps Family do Carter Family music than the Carter Family themselves. I can`t explain why, it`s just that way. Apparently A.P. Carter loved them too, as he played dates with them and even recorded a record or two with them.
I hope you enjoy this gospel record. What could be more pure than Carter Family gospel done by the Phipps Family??!!

Track listing---
Keep On The Sunny Side
Lonesome Valley
Cyclone At Rye Cove
No Telephone In Heaven
River Of Jordan
Little Log Cabin By The Sea
I Can`t Feel At Home
On The Rock Where Moses Stood
Motherless Children
Anchored In Love Divine
Little Poplar Log House
Diamonds In The Rough
A Distant Land To Roam
Where Shall I Be

Click here to download Most Requested Sacred Songs Of The Carter Family by the A.L. Phipps Family


  1. I was raised listening to the Carter Family and would sing along with them when I would hear them singing.