Saturday, August 1, 2009

Roy Acuff Columbia sides "un-re-issued" on cd

Howdy folks----I`m back!! Here we have a bunch of Roy Acuff songs that were issued on 78`s that have never made it onto a cd as far as I know.
These 78`s are all from my own collection. One title, I Didn`t Want You to Know, is a test pressing I have, it was never issued at all. One of these days I`ll go through the archives and find some more un-issued sides for your listening pleasure. There are other un-issued sides that have came out on cd & LP`s that I have in the archives.
I hope there are some Roy Acuff fans out there, he`s one of my favorites.
I have transferred the 78`s myself and tried to clean up some of the hiss & other noise that are just naturally part of a 78, but not to the point of hurting the sound of the record that is supposed to be there. I used promo copies where I have them, as they aren`t as noisy as a regular issue 78.
Some of these songs are great and fine Roy Acuff classics. We have 2 "Americana" type songs in Doug MacArthur (sort of a biography song about MacArthur) and Advice To Joe, a great cold war song sending a message to Joesef Stalin, leader of communist Russia at the time. I love songs about this type stuff, they are usually "in your face" messages for freedom.
We also have some other great tunes like the comical love song Baldknob Arkansas, which shows off the sound of Roy singing with Bashful Brother Oswald`s "screaming tenor" singing style. All these songs are just great, hardcore country songs---so HAPPY LISTENING!!

Track list---
All The World Is Lonely Now
Tell Me Now Or Tell Me Never
I Had A Dream
Thank God
Jesus Died For Me
Baldknob Arkansas
A Plastic Heart
Advice To Joe
When My Money Run Out
Your Address Unknown
Don`t Hang Your Dirty Linen On My Line
Doug MacArthur
Just A Friend
I Didn`t Want You To Know

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  1. Thanks for the Acuff. And glad you're back in business!

    Kansas City, MO

  2. Great Acuff at his prime - I'd love to hear another compilation when you can. Thaks so much !

  3. I guess a fan of Roy could be called an "Acuffian"

    so how long have you been an Acuffian?

  4. Hi
    Thanks for these Acuff's
    I like these old 78's
    Got a lot my self but not much country.

  5. I`ve been an Acuff fan since I as about 8 or 9 years old!!

  6. do you have the song by Roy Acuff titled "rooftop lullaby"? I have looked for it for a long time. Thank you for any info.

  7. Roof Top Lullaby is on the LP Smoky Mountain Memories track 7.