Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Archie Campbell comedy LP

Anyone that was born during or before the 70`s that know anything at all likely knows who Archie Campbell is----the barber, the judge, the doctor (among other things) from Hee Haw!!
Archie was from Bulls Gap, Tennessee and started his show buissness career waaaaay back in the mid 30`s in Knoxville, Tennessee. He was a performer on WNOX, which in the the 30`s was sort of a tryout place for the Grand Ole Opry. He would have been a WNOX at the same time that Roy Acuff was there before moving on to Nashville and the Opry.
I don`t know what sort of stuff Archie did in Knoxville, likely music stuff as he had a pretty good singing voice.
I don`t know anything about Archie till he shows up at the Opry in the 50`s as a sort of sophisticated type comedian instead of the old hillbilly, backwoods type comics usually seen on the opry like Minnie Pearl, Rod Brasfield or the Duke Of Paducah. In the late 50`s into the 70`s he recorded several records for RCA & Starday, some music and some were comedy LP`s, which were pretty popular in the 60`s.
THEN----he really got famous when Hee Haw came along. He was a comedian on Hee Haw playing several different characters in the same skits for his whole run on the show till he passed away. The Doctor, the Judge, the Barber, the moonshier, and probably what he was best known as doing on the show, the song Pfttt You Were Gone, which was actually a song released as a single in the 60`s.
This particular LP was likely the last record Archie had out. I believe it would have been recorded in the mid 80`s. It is of a live show recorded at the Archie Campbell Hee Haw Village at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with his son Phil playing a few second parts in some of the protracted stories Archie tells. There are some of his classic routines here.
I hope you all like comedy records, I`ll post more country comedy records as time goes along, some of these country comedy records are sort of hard to come by----enjoy!!

Click here to download An Evening With Archie & Phil Campbell


  1. Hi allen

    you mentioned in Jeremy's blog you have the bailes bros lps he posted a while ago. i'm looking for discography infor for those two lps and i'd appreciate it if you could provide some



  2. Hey Rounder, I actually have about 5 different Bailes Bros. LP`s. What info do you want? LP title, label name & number & what else??

  3. Hello...We really enjoyed track of Archie and Phil Campbell and would like to get more of it...Can you tell me if you have any of them together on a cd or record or anything...My Dad would really like to get one if possible...Did you tape the evening with Archie and Phil and if so, do you have it on video where you can see them...please let me know how I can get more of Archie and Phil together...Thanks..Judy

  4. Hi Judy, no, I don`t have this on video. This is an LP I have. I have some other Archie Campbell comedy records and I believe his son Phil is on part of one of them. I`ll have to study up on that! One of these days I`ll get to it.

  5. Thanks Allen for getting back with me on this..You said it's an LPI...I'm sorry I'm not sure what this is?? Is it something I can buy...My Dad said he had seen something on here for $ is a record of Archie and his Son??..Yes, if you find something with Archie and Phil on it please let me know what I can do to get a copy of it..I's really appreciate it...Thanks so much! - Judy

  6. Can you repost? The file is gone!!

  7. I have a question I don't know if you can answer it for me or not. My mom's had two brother's who used to play on the radio with archie Campbell back in the 1940's. I think it might have been her brother Robert Littlejohn and Harold Littlejohn. I am not sure if these are the right two uncles. But I am trying to find any info about them singing with Archie Campbell on the radio. I'm not sure if it was robert and harold but I know the last name is Littlejohn. I hope this isn't too cinfusing for you. Thanks for any help? Patti Campbell Williams

  8. I`m sorry, I can`t help you with that, Patti. I don`t know anything about Archie from that early.

  9. Hello Allen, I was a back up singer for the show Super Stars of County that performed at the Theartre back some years ago and I just wanted you to know how wonderful it was to have that opportunity!! Would you happen to have any video of pics of that show? I hope you are doing well and thank you!!