Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mountain Music Played On The Autoharp

Well folks, here`s a neat LP. It features the autoharp playing old-time or traditional type country music.
We have some great artists here, such as Ernest "Pop" Stoneman and autoharp "wizard" Kilby Snow, which could not be beat at playing fiddle tunes. Neriah & Kenneth Benfield are somewhat similar in style to Kilby Snow.
I can`t say much about the autoharp, I don`t know all that much about them, but this is a great record. It`s not just a boring instrumental disc, most of the songs also have singing and all cuts are great examples of the styles of music played and sang to the autoharp. Hope you-all like it!!

I have divided side 1 & 2 into 2 downloads instead of one due to the length of the LP to make it easier to download.

Tracks for side 1---
Stoney`s Waltz - Ernest Stoneman
Sweet Marie - Neriah & Kenneth Benfield
May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister? - Kilby Snow
She`ll Be Coming `Round The Mountain - Kilby Snow & Wade Ward
Flop-Eared Mule - Kilby Snow
Bile `Em Cabbage Down - Ernest Stoneman & Mike Seeger
All I Got`s Gone - Ernest Stoneman
Ella`s Grave - Neriah & Kenneth Benfield
Shortnin` Bread - Kenneth Benfield
Old Joe Clark - Kenneth Benfield
Waltz - Neriah Benfield
Precious Jewel - Kilby Snow
Ain`t Going To Work Tomorrow - Kilby Snow

Click here to download side 1

Tracks for side 2---

Mule Skinner Blues - Kilby Snow
John Henry - Kilby Snow
Weeping Willow Tree - Neriah & Kenneth Benfield
Wreck Of Number Nine - Ernest Stoneman
Red River Valley - Kilby & Jim Snow
The Great Reaping Day - Ernest Stoneman
I`m Alone, All Alone - Ernest Stoneman & Mike Seeger
Jacob`s Ladder - Kenneth Benfield
`Way Down In The Country - Kenneth Benfield
Benfield Hoedown - Neriah Benfield
Wildwood Flower - Kilby Snow & Mike Seeger
Tragic Romance - Kilby Snow, Hazel Dickens & Mike Seeger
Click here to download side 2


  1. I am a country song fan and a LP collector. After surfing your site, I realise that there are so many country singers which I have never heard of.

    Keep up your great work. Thank you.

  2. This just happens to be a very important recording for people interested in the Autoharp. The ethnic musicologist Mike Seeger, himself an accomplished Autoharpist, travelled to some remote places to make some of these extremely rare recordings of some of the most influential harpists developing this style of chord-melody playing. From a music history perspective, this is a very important album.