Sunday, July 19, 2009

That`s My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It - Taditional Southern Instrumental Styles

Well folks, here`s an interesting LP. It`s on the New World Records label and was issued in 1978.
One thing neat about this LP is that some of the tracks are from 78`s recorded by commercial companies in the 20`s some are field recordings from the 30`s on up to the 70`s.
There is quite a variety of stuff here too, such as Obed "Dad" Pickard`s jew`s harp solo recording of The Old Grey Horse.
Other unusual stuff here is a fife solo by Marion Reese, which is not really the type of stuff I like, but interesting none the less.
We also have solo fiddling such as Allen Sisson`s Rymer`s Favorite from the Edison label.
Pete Steele`s banjo solo Spanish Fandango is great also.
This LP would be a great way to be introduced to old-time music styles as we have solo stuff, cajun music, string band stuff, a dulcimer tune and just a large variety of stuff---so ENJOY!!

Track list---
Groundhog - Marion Reese (home recording, 1937)
The Old Grey Horse - Obed "Dad" Pickard (Columbia 78, 1927)
My Pretty Little Pink - I.D. Stamper (home recording, 1977)
Granny went To Meeting With Her Old Shoes On - Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Judd
(home recording,1973)
Spanish Fandango - Pete Steele (home recording, 1938)
Run, Banjo - Justis Begley (home recording, 1937)
Pearly Dew - Lena Hughes (home recording, 1969)
Blues - Hobart Smith (home recording, 1942)
Lights In The Valley - Neriah & Kenneth Benfield (home recording, 1961)
Lost Boy Blues - Palmer McAbee (Victor 78, 1928)
Fe Fe Ponchaux - Joseph Falcon & Clemoa Breaux (Columbia 78, 1928)
Kimball House - Ezra "Ted" Hawkins & Riley Puckett (Bluebird 78, 1939)
The Last Of Sizemore - Luther Strong (home recording, 1937)
Hunky Dory - Alva Greene & Francis Gillum (home recording, 1973)
Bigfooted Nigger - The Helton Brothers (home recording, 1941)
That`s My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It - The Draper Walter Family (Champion 78, 1933)
Rymer`s Favorite - Allen Sisson (Edison 78, 1925)
Le Rille Cajun - Dennis McGee & Ernest Fruge (Brunswick 78, 1930)
Lost Indian - Louis H. Propps (home recording, 1936)
Peacock Rag - Fiddlin` Arthur Smith & His Dixieliners (The Delmore Brothers)
(Bluebird 78, 1941)
Bibb County Hoedown - Seven Foot Dilly & His Dill Pickles (John Dilleshaw)
(Brunswick 78, 1930)
Jig - Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers (Bluebird 78, 1938)

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I bought this record over 20 years ago and never got around to digitizing it. I look forward to listening to it again.

  2. Oh, thank you for posting! This LP used to be in my university library, and although I had it on tape I've not listened to it in years. It's fantastic stuff, particularly the first half dozen tracks IIRC.

  3. Belated thanks for this, I downloaded it from you several years ago. I bought the album in the 80's and like the other Anonymous poster above, just never digitized it.