Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hank Williams on the radio

Hi folks, here we are again with another good offering. This Hank Williams LP is of 3 different radio shows, two from the Grand Ole Opry and a March of Dimes show transcription.
I`m not going to go into a bunch of history writting here, Hank Williams is plenty easy to find information on just by doing an internet search.
Show number one is a Grand Ole Opry show from 1952 and is about 24 min. long. Sound quality isn`t very good, it may be a home recording off the radio onto a home disc cutter. Guests are Rod Brasfield, Little Jimmy Dickens, Minnie Pearl, Tommy Jackson, Lew Childre, Stringbean and Audrey Williams.
Show number two is a March Of Dimes transcription from 1950. It`s about 13 min. long and sound quality is great. No guests here, just Hank and Audrey.
Show number three is from 1951 and is another Grand Ole Opry show about 11 min. long. Sound quality is about the same as show number one. Guests are Sam & Kirk McGee and Audrey Williams. It sounds to me like on this show Hank might be drunk, he seems like he just can`t talk right to me, Audrey don`t sound too sober herself.
All in all, considering some of the sound quality and the drunk sounding Hank and Audrey, it`s still a good record with some of the "second string" Opry stars that we don`t hardly ever get to hear, especially Sam & Kirk McGee, which had been on the Opry pretty much since it started.

Track list show #1-Grand Ole Opry 1952---
Baby We`re Really In Love-Hank Williams
Comedy-Rod Brasfield
It May Be Silly-Little Jimmy Dickens
Square dance with calls-Tommy Jackson (fiddle) and Lew Childre (calls)
The Old Country Church-Hank Williams and Little Jimmy Dickens duet
Comedy-Minnie Pearl
They Locked God Outside The Iron Curtain-Little Jimmy Dickens
Cripple Creek-Stringbean
I Can`t Help It-Hank Williams

Track list show #2-March of Dimes Show from 1950---
Moanin` The Blues-Hank Williams
Help Me Understand-Hank & Audrey Williams
When God Dips His Love In My Heart-Hank Williams

Track list show #3-Grand Ole Opry 1951---
Crazy Heart-Hank Williams
I Was Sorta Wonderin`-Sam & Kirk McGee
Bonaparte`s Retreat-Audrey Williams

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  1. Appreciate the insight into Hank as an actual live performer - thanks!

  2. when I download this album and extract it I am getting only 3 songs. Anyone know why or what to do to correct this?

  3. Thank you for this site. I can't tell you how happy i am that someone has taken the time to archive these gems.
    I co-produce Jamey Johnson and we're always looking for some new old stuff to check out. Thanks again for taking the time.

  4. There are only 3 tracks in the download because each show is one track.

  5. THANKS for Hank & Audry . Best WISHES for 2010