Saturday, February 17, 2018

Jimmy Osborne - The Legendary Jimmy Osborne Vol.2

Here`s some hard core traditional style 1940`s country (as opposed to honky-tonk style)! For some reason King decided to spell his name Jimmy on this LP, I believe he spelled his nme Jimmie, as that`s what all other records I`ve saw has on them. I don`t really have any information about him except what you can find for yourself on the internet, so I`ll talk just a bit about his music. His music was similar to the style of Roy Acuff vocally. Another artist similar in vocal style would be Howard Vokes. Enjoy!

Click here to download Jimmy Osborne - The Legendary Jimmy Osborne Vol.2


  1. Thanks Allen, Interesting of the spelling of his first name from the back to the front cover. Guess there was no quality control back then.

  2. King did something with this album I've never encountered before: They cut pieces out of the tunes to shorten them, and not too expertly, either. At 1:26 of A Vacant Sign... you can hear the first 1 1/2 notes of the instrumental run they cut. The Hills of Roan County has three verses cut but it's only obvious at the end where they patched in the outro. I haven't compared them all yet, but Empty Old Cottage and I Did and I Does... match my tracks so either those two weren't shortened or I already had the shortened versions from somewhere. I found it interesting, anyway.

    1. I know that King done this on at least one Grandpa Jones LP and possibly a Delmore Brothers LP. I think they were trying to cram as many sides as possible on these (re-issue) LP`s, so cutting some instrumental breaks out to shorten the cuts gave them more room to put a few more tracks than were common at the time on an LP, making buyers think they were getting a bargain.