Saturday, February 17, 2018

Frank Welling & John McGhee - Perfect 12769

Frank Welling & John McGhee / Perfect 12769
The Crime At Quiet Dell / My Little Mountain Home
recorded November 4/5, 1931 in New York, New York

I have recently became a fan of this duo. I love the bass voice and Hawaiian steel playing in their music. They made a few hundred records, so I have lots of their music to discover. The song The Crime At Quiet Dell was about a crime by Cornelius O. Pierson August 27, 1931 near Clarksburg, West Virginia. Just listening to the lyrics is a pretty hair raising horror story. This song is a great example of a topical/disaster type song of the era. The song was recorded only about two months after the crime. There is a book about it called Quiet Dell. I have ordered it but it hasn`t came yet, I`m looking forward to reading it and comparing the facts to the song. The other song, My Little Mountain Home, is a typical yearning for home and simpler times song that was so popular in the late 1920`s.

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  1. Thanks for posting! I only had 3 tracks by Welling and McGee, so I look forward to you posting more of their recordings.