Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tom And Chuck - Victor V-40305

Tom And Chuck - Victor V-40305
White River Road / At The End Of The Lane
recorded August 15, 1930 in Hollywood, California
Here`s another "only disc recorded by these artists" disc. The artists names were Tom Murray and Chuck Cook. The were members of Beverly Hill Billies and I assumed there was a connection between both out fits recording till I noticed the Beverly Hill Billies recorded for Brunswick. I had assumed also that Tom & Chuck were the same Tom that recorded in 1933 as Tom & Don and Tom & Roy, but they are not. That`s about the only information I know about these artists. There may be some information on the "interweb" if you are interested  in looking. The songs have kind of the pop-ish sound some country records had at the time, as in a pop type tune performed in a country fashion. My copy of this disc is nearly mint, so the sound quality is great. Enjoy!

Click here to download Tom And Chuck - Victor V-40305

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