Monday, February 22, 2016

The Bill Ring Show - #45-46

Here`s the next Bill Ring Show.

Track list for show #45---
1. Shame On You - Bill Ring
2. String Stealin` - Speedy Haworth
3. A Sinner`s Prayer - Bill Ring
4. Pretty Little Girl With The Pretty Little Curls - Slim Wilson & The Tall Timber Trio
5. Get Up And Go - Doc Martin
6. Peace In The Valley - Bill Ring

Track list for show #46---
1. A Bundle Of Southern Sunshine - Bill Ring
2. Raining Teardrops From My Eyes - Speedy Haworth
3. Why Can`t You Be Mine - Sally Briggs
4. Make Room In Your Heart For A Friend - Bill Ring
5. Stay Away From My Heart - Doc Martin
6. I Believe - Bill Ring

Click here to download The Bill Ring Show - #45-46


  1. Great way to start the week. Thank you ~ rich

  2. Thanks Allen, love these shows. I was wondering if Bill Ring ever made any studio LP's.

    1. If he did it`s MEGA rare. I`ve never saw or heard of it if he did. Anyone I knew to ask that could have known are now dead. I knew Speedy Haworth but he passed away in the last couple of years.

  3. From what I was able to find, Bill Ring was involved with projects produced by the then-owners of KWTO (like their "Ozark Jamboree" TV & radio shows as associate producer), and their talent booking agency. No mention of recordings. However, lots of mentions of fishing. His wife must have had a lot of fish recipes.

    1. The last show he had on KWTO (after he`d retired) was on Saturday mornings, I believe at 6:30 am, and it was a fishing report show. He was famous for signing out his show with the quote "If you`re too busy to go fishin`, you`re too busy!". Up into the mid 1980`s Bill and Slim done some TV commercials, one for a Chrysler dealership and another for a men`s clothing store called The Big And Tall Man`s Shop. Bill was short and fat, Slim was tall and skinny. At the end of the commercial Bill would turn to Slim and say "Boy! You are tall!"

  4. Here's some info from OTRcat:

    Foster's RadiOzark Enterprises produced transcription disks of shows featuring Smiley Burnett, Bill Ring, and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Bill Ring would produce 260 fifteen-minute episodes of The Tennessee Ernie Show. Ring's own show would be picked up by ABC Radio, and eventually air on more than 1,200 US and Canadian stations.

    Bill Ring was a vital part of Korn's-A-Krackin' and the nationally syndicated TV program The Ozark Jubilee. His popular KWTO morning program became known as "Ring Around the Ozarks."

    KWTO-AM was the corner-stone of Ralph D. Foster's dream of Springfield, MO, overtaking Nashville as the "Crossroads of Country Music." The station itself got its start as a low power AM station located in the corner of Hall's Firestone tire dealership. KWTO concentrated on live music shows. A weekly "hillbilly variety show", Korn's-A-Krackin' was carried nationally on the Mutual Network.

    1. RadiOzark also made a bunch of Red Foley Show transcriptions. KWTO is now a talk radio station,560AM. I`d say KWTO was about one of the last radio stations to feature live country music shows. Some other people that was on KWTO before showing up in Nashville were Mother Maybell and the Carter Sisters with Chet Atkins and also Porter Wagoner