Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jimmie Skinner`s #1 Bluegrass

I`ll be the first person to admit that Jimmie Skinner had a "unique" voice, but I sure like him.  I`m thinking this is about the last record he made. He was kinda on both sides of the country/bluegrass fence. He wrote many songs recorded by both type of artists, and even on some of his own recordings where he recorded a song more than once he himself could sound like bluegrass or country. So if you are unfamiliar with him, I`d say give this a download!

Click here to download Jimmie Skinner`s #1 Bluegrass


  1. No, it's not all of these tracks which are about the last he made.

    Falling Leaves - 1961 (Bluegrass Special 45-EP-603)
    Don't Do It (And It Won't Be On Your Mind) - ca. Oct. 1963 (Starday SEP-231)
    The Mystery Of Little Kathy (aka The Mystery Of Catherine Winters) - ca. Oct. 1963 (Starday SEP-231)
    This Old Road - ca. Oct. 1963 (Starday 687)

    The rest might be from 1977, but note that you have not included track #11 - Sunny Caroline!!!

    1. I added the missing track, so you`ll have to download it again if you want it. Sometimes things "disappear" off my computer sometimes, don`t know what happened to that one track. The track I added is from a CD (because I can`t get to the LP right now), but is the correct cut for the LP.