Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weaver Brothers - Columbia 15487-D

Weaver Brothers - Columbia 45487-D
You Came Back To Me / Prison Sorrows
recorded October 22, 1929 in Johnson City, Tennessee

Here is another group that only had one disc issued. I don`t have any information about them other than their names were Vance & Wiley Weaver and that Lonnie Austin and Roy Harvey are on the sides with them. They have sort of a Charlie Poole band sound. Neither of the songs are unique or rare as they had both been recorded elsewhere on other labels.

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  1. From Raleigh Co., WV. There's an account of them in the notes to the Bear Family Johnson City Sessions boxed set.

    1. I don`t have that set. I`ve been wanting to get it though!