Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Missing" Roy Acuff LP`s

Here is three Roy Acuff LP`s that a blog fan had mentioned I hadn`t posted. It`s probably been two years or more since the blog fan had contacted me and asked why I didn`t post them My reply was that all the songs on them were already on the blog on other LP1s or 45`s. He brought it to my attention that there were a few songs that are unique to these LP`s, or that they are different takes than issued elsewhere etc. Sure enough he was right. So I had put these three discs in the pile to transfer and promptly forgot about them. Ha ha! So I was digging through a pile of records a couple of weeks ago and "re"-found these discs. I think with these three discs posted all of his Hickory material is either downloadable here or can be bought on cd. So here we go---

Click here to download Roy Acuff - Treasury Of Country Hits

This Back In The Country LP is the biggest question mark in the lot. There is TWO Hickory LP`s with this title. The two LP`s have mostly different songs on them. I had assumed that both had the same material on them, just having different covers. I believe this one may have been released overseas.

Click here to download Roy Acuff - Back In The Country (Hickory 4507)

The Time LP was a British release. It seems the London and Hickory labels was connected in some way.

Click here to download Roy Acuff - Time


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for everything you do and particularly the Roy Acuff posts.

    I note you refer to 2 versions of 'Back In The Country' on Hickory. As far I am aware there were 2 versions but they were on Hickory in 1974 and Elektra in 1981. Apart from having the same song as the title track they were different in all respects. According to your notes The Elektra version was the last album Roy recorded.

    'Time' was originally released on Hickory LPS-156 in 1970. London was a catch-all label used by UK Decca to publish American recordings licensed from smaller labels. (During this period there was no connection between the USA Decca and London labels and the UK Decca and London labels). In most cases the covers, track order and sleeve notes were identical. Normally the albums had the London logo but in some cases - such as Starday - the American label was important enough to also have the American logo included on the both sides of the cover.



    1. Thanks for the kind words. I`m not very good at all at dicographical type things.

    2. I use two sites for help on discography stuff, Praguefrank & more easier in my opinion

    3. I just don`t have the patience to look at some dicographical pages. It all gets to looking alike to me after a few minutes.