Sunday, September 22, 2013

Del Wood - Down Yonder

 How about some good, rousing piano pickin` this morning. Can`t hardly beat Del Wood for country-ragtime piano. Enjoy!

Click here to download Del Wood - Down Yonder


  1. Supposedly, the book-&-8-cd collection, A Shot in the Dark, Tennessee Jive 1945-1955, is going to be reissued. It was orginally issued in 2000 & quickly sold out (there's one copy for sale now on Amazon for almost $1400). It was scheduled to be re-issued last August (2014), but didn't materialize. Keep an eye out for it in 2015.

    I notice that this is where you apparently picked up the first song, 'Down Yonder', rather than from the (unmastered) version from the LP, Allen.

    1. I don`t have the Bear Family set you mention. If I recall correctly the track you mentioned was damaged on my LP, so I scrounged the correct track from another LP or possibly a 45 or maybe even a cd I own. Then I guess I messed up and didn`t get it in the correct order in the download.