Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rachel & Oswald 78 on Decca 46247

Here`s a rare one! Bashful Brother Oswald and his Sister Rachel was a part of Roy Acuff`s act off and on all through the 1940`s. They had cut a 78 on Columbia at one of Roy`s sessions that was un-released (it is out on an LP from the early 1980`s). Roy was still on Columbia at the time this was cut. I have no idea about the story of why this was made on another label (the songs are different than what they recorded for Columbia).
I think we have Rachel on banjo, likely Oswald on straight guitar (or possibly Lonnie "Pap" Wilson) and Benny Martin on fiddle. Benny Martin was a Smoky Mountain Boy for a short time about 1950.

Click here to download Rachel & Oswald on Decca 46247

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