Saturday, February 18, 2012

Country Music Favorites For Children

Here is a rare LP on the Wyncote label. Actually, all the cuts are from Starday material.
The main reason I am posting this is for the two Lew Childre cuts. They are cut that were edited out of the only LP he ever made called Old Time Get Together on Starday (which can be found here on the blog).
This LP was super dirty, so it`s kind of noisy. Some cuts are worse than others in sound quality also. It almost sounds like instead of using masters for the source, they used old, wore out Starday LP`s. But---anyway---it`s worth it for the Lew Childre cuts if you are a fan of his, and the Lew Childre cuts sound pretty good quality wise. Enjoy!!

Click here to download Country Music Favorites For Children


  1. In the 1960s, Starday licensed material to a number of the budget labels, mainly Pickwick, Wyncote, and the S.P.C. family of labels which included Diplomat, Guest Star, and many others. They even licensed material to Tops under the stipulation that Tops needed to use Pseudonyms for the artists rather than printing the artists real names on the labels.

    The Wyncote label was notorious for using the lowest grade of vinyl imaginable...... most budget labels used low-grade vinyl but Wyncote was especially bad.... bubbles and bumps are common in their pressings, and I understand that their records even sounded worn out right out of the wrapper.

    I agree with you that this album is worth having, for the Lew Childre outtakes alone.... that LP Lew did for Starday with Copas, etc., is a great one.

  2. Looks good! But the link is expired.
    Thanks for sharing!