Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jimmie Riddle 78 on Decca

Here is an ultra-rare one. This was cut at the same session as the Rachel & Oswald 78 that`s posted below.
The first song, I Found My Mama, was a common "talking" harmonica number that such great country harmonica pickers, such as Lonnie Glosson, Wayne Raney & Salty Holmes commonly performed. The cast is Jimmie On harmonica of course, Rachel Veach as the "mother", Oswald on dobro, possibly Joe Zinkan on bass and likely Benny Martin on straight guitar.
The other number, The Three Trees, comes from a skit record recorded in the teens, or possibly earlier, by the author, Tom McNaughton. What an odd choice to record! We have Jimmie on harp and as narrator, Oswald on dobro, likely Benny Martin on guitar and possibly Joe Zinkan on bass.
Unfortunately, the disc got cracked all the way from the center hole to the edge in shipping to me, so there is a tick through both sides. This, at least as of now, is the only copy of this disc I know of to have been found.
There are some harmonica fanatics that follow my blog, so, this one`s for you all!!

Click here to download Jimmie Riddle 78 on Decca 46239


  1. Thank you. What a great song I Found My Momma is! Do you mean any thing specific by saying Harmonica picker? Or do you just mean player?

  2. Just meant a player. Glad you found the blog, Jim.

  3. Jimmy Riddle's specialty was a novelty type rhythmic vocal effect he called "Eefing." I believe he was performing well into the 1960s. I find these early performances very interesting and am downloading them now. Thank you for sharing!