Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lonnie Glosson - All Harmonica - Volume One

Here is an LP for a good blog friend of mine. I can`t really tell you any history of Mr. Glosson, other than what`s on the back of the LP cover. The only other thing is I believe I`ve heard that he lived up into his 90`s and still performed some up until nearly the time of his death.
I see this LP is called Volume One. As far as I know, there has never been a Volume Two. At least I`ve never saw a Volume Two.

Click here to download Lonnie Glosson - All Harmonica-Volume One


  1. A bio and discography can be found here:

    I'm afraid you can't read the bio because I wrote it in German but the disco youd be of your interest! (By the way: never knew of this record, thanks!)

  2. Here's an additional one in English which I think is quite neat:

  3. Dad baught a harmonica from him of his radio show when he was up in Cincinnati.