Tuesday, March 15, 2011

J.E. Mainer - Vol. 7&8

Here are the next two volumes in the J.E. Mainer series on the Rural Rhythm label.

Track list for Vol.7---

1. Cook`In In The Kitchen (no idea where this may have came from)
2. Stern Old Bachelor (from the old Carter Family 78)
3. Last Night When Willie Came Home (an old Uncle Dave Macon tune)
4. Carve That Possum Children (another Uncle Dave number)
5. Ain`t No Bugs On Me (likely from the Fiddlin` John Carson 78)
6. Baldheaded End Of The Broom (likely from the Walter Smith or George Reneau 78)
7. Rabbit In The Log (an old Monroe Brothers tune, but this isn`t similar to that version)
8. Everybody Works But Father (maybe from the Riley Puckett or Fiddlin` John Carson 78)
9. Tell `Em Lies And Feed `Em Candy (an old Porter Wagoner tune!)
10. Walking In My Sleep (I believe Fiddlin` Arthur Smith was likely the source for this)
11. Loving Henry Lee (not sure about this tune, it`s familiar but I don`t know where I`ve heard it)
12. Pat The Cross Eyed Butcher (a version of an Uncle Dave Macon number)
13. I`ve Still Got "99" (similar to the Riley Puckett 78 I`ll Never Get Drunk Anymore)
14. Good Old Bowling Green (maybe from Cousin Emmy)
15. Katie Dear (maybe from the Blue Sky Boys 78)
16. Old Dan Tucker (a common tune from a way long time ago)
17. Eat`In Up The Gravy (maybe from the Weems 78 of Davy)
18. George Collins (may be from the Roy Harvey 78)
19. Who Broke The Lock On The Hen House Door (could be from the Riley Puckett 78)
20. Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe? (no idea about this one, not similar to other tunes I`ve heard by this title)
21. The Gospel Way (don`t know this tune)
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Track list for Vol.8---

1. Fallen Leaf (an unfamiliar tune about an Indian maiden)
2. Cacklin` Hen (very common fiddle tune, popular partly due to the fiddle "imitating" a cacklin` hen)
3. Mary Of The Wild Moor (likely from the Blue Sky Boys)
4. Let`s Go To Town (usually titled Goin` Down Town by Dr. Humphry Bate`s Possum Hunters or Lynchburg Town)
5. Picking Up Corn (don`t know this number)
6. Young Rodger The Miller (an ancient tune of English origin)
7. Your Bound To Look Like A Monkey (likely from the old Roy Harvey 78)
8. If You Should See Your Sister (not familiar to me)
9. Old Pine Tree (I believe this was originally an old pop tune)
10. Wild Cat Woman (an old Cliff Carlisle tune)
11. Bring Me A Leaf From The Sea (could be from the old Carolina Tar Heels 78)
12. Gambling On The Sabbath Day (maybe from the old George Reneau 78)
13. Alabama Gal (common old tune usually called Buffalo Gals now)
14. Short Life Of Trouble (the old Grayson & Whitter tune)
15. Swanee No Tunnel (likely from Buell Kazee`s Swannanoa Tunnel tune)
16. Big Ball In Town (an old Skillet Licker number)
17. Big Eyed Rabbit (common old banjo tune first recorded by Samantha Bumgarner)
18. Old And In The Way (likely from the Fiddlin` John Carson 78)
19. Over The Waves (the common waltz number)
20. Shadow Of The Pines (maybe from the old Kelly Harrell 78)

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  1. Is there a problem with the J.E.Mainer - Vol.8 download? Can't download

  2. I don`t know why you are not getting it. I just tried to download it and it worked ok for me. Almost 100 people have already downloaded it, so I don`t know. Just try it again later is all I know to tell you to try-----sorry.

  3. The Henry Lee song is probably familiar to you because the Dick Justice recording was reissued in Vol. 1 of Harry Smith's "Anthology of American Folk Music".

    Thanks again for all the work you're doing in getting these recordings out to all of us.

    Your Friend, Joel