Monday, February 28, 2011

Aunt Molly Jackson

Here is an LP I couldn`t decide if I wanted to post or not. I really don`t care for this type of thing, but I know some of you folks who check out my blog will like it.
The only information I know about Aunt Molly Jackson is what`s on the LP cover and in the little booklet inside, which I have included in the post.

Here is scans of the booklet---

Click here to download Aunt Molly Jackson - Library Of Congress Recordings


  1. Allen - Thank you very much for posting this recording! I recently finished reading a short book (actually a post-grad dissertation) titled "Strike Songs of the Depression", where Aunt Molly was prominently featured in the chapter on the Harlan County coal miner strikes.

    I had searching for this record on my list of things to do, and you have allowed me to strike it from the list (no pun intended).

  2. Allen, thanks. I was in Harlan in the '70's supporting the miners. Sometimes there's nothing like old time union songs.

  3. This is wonderful. If anyone seeks more like it I recommend a compilation of Alan Lomax field recordings entitled High Atomophere.

  4. The High Atmosphere record is a good one!

  5. This one is relly rare I think and I will enjoy it