Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pop Stoneman Memorial Album

Here is one of my favorite Pop Stoneman LP`s! It`s all solo, just his voice and the autoharp.
I`m not going to go into any biographic information as there was a biography in the LP that I have copied to the posting.

Here is the biography from the LP. Just click on any picture to enlarge it.

Click here to download Pop Stoneman Memorial Album


  1. day in day out, endless riches on the interwebs. special thanks for this long lost nugget. yer blawg is superb

  2. Allen, thanks for all your good music. This is very good and appreciated by Pop Stoneman.

  3. yer thanks indeed. but would you please make a habit of including scans etc in yr uploads? i'm sure you appreciate this as well when other bloggers post their stuff

  4. You can save any scan right off the blog page. All you have to do is left click the scan and it will open in a new page in a larger size. Then just right click, and when that brings up a menu, choose save to computer (or to desktop, or whatever your computer will piop up with). If that won`t work for you, I think it would be due to maybe some certain security setting or some other setting on your computer.

  5. Many thanks for posting this LP. The role of Pop Stoneman in the early days of country music is very much forgotten these days. He was an important pioneer who deserves to be remembered.

    I must say that you don't deserve the rudeness displayed in the comments by anonymous above (re scans).

    Blogs like yours which share rare recordings with the big wide world deserve a big thank you and not criticism.

  6. What a wonderful country music icon, as well as the entire Stoneman family has and will continue to entertain us for years to come!