Monday, August 23, 2010

Obray Ramsey & Byard Ray - File Under Rock

Here is a strange LP. At first I thought the name of the record was White Lightnin` and that File Under Rock was just for people working at the record store. Come to find out that the duet is called White Lightnin` and the name of the album is File Under Rock. Most of you have downloaded the other Obray Ramsey LP`s I`ve posted (they have been some of the most downloaded posts) and know Obray was a pretty straight old-time style musician. This album is just weird, they are backed by choirs on some track and some feature instrument back-up that is strictly NOT old time, thus File Under Rock I suppose. This is by a far piece my least favorite record of Ramsey & Ray (I`m pretty hard-core on my old-time likings), but decided to post it as I had a few people ask if I had this one. I do have one more Obray Ramsey LP I will post soon, it`s the only other one I have and as far as I know it`s the only other LP Ramsey made. Where else could you hear them all?
Happy listening!

Click here to download Obray Ramsey & Byard Ray - File Under Rock


  1. I am right behind you on the "Foreign instruments" sneaking into our beloved old timey music. It just don't sit right somehow. Saro, this shows his talent and a deep understanding of this genre, so I will go get the other LP's and have a good old listen. As ever, great work sir.

  2. Thanks for this, rather... "interesting". This album seems to have been cut during the sessions for an album by one Len Novy. Same producer, personnel, excepting for Obray.
    "Strange" hits the nail on the head. I figured it would be similar to the "Fresh Air" LP but it does have those period-authentic touches.
    That 7-minute "Amazing Grace"... sounds like half the ensemble was on the white lightnin' and the other on the acid.
    The Len Novy album has a cut of "Cold Rain and Snow" with Byard on fiddle and it runs roughly about that long.
    Also have to mention that they appear in the equally bizarre film "Zachariah". Two of their songs appear in the film "Shy Ann" and "Down In The Willow Garden". I assume the latter is the album version here and "Shy Ann" comes from the same sessions (a version appears on the aforementioned Len Novy LP)

  3. I have always thought Saro is one of the more affecting little banjo solos I own. And the version of Pretty Spar-o is great. I would recommend downloading this for those two songs which are devoid of wah-wah pedals and drums.

  4. One of my favorite albums that my dad had years ago. Really enjoy it!

  5. Someone just said: "I haven't been near the end, 'til soon enough". So, I ask you; Where does the time go?

  6. I'm not a purist, so I really enjoyed it.

  7. As a truly omnivorous music fan, I hoped for better from this experiment. It only really works on the uptempo track "New River Train." Pretty bizarre train wreck of an album.