Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Armstrong Twins - 2 LP`s

Here is a group that I don`t really know anything about. We know that brother groups were very popular in the 30`s into the early 40`s, because of their close harmony. So, TWIN harmony should be REALLY close. These two do hit it pretty good.
This first LP is from mid-40`s recordings. They do songs from traditional country tunes to what might qualify as rock-a-billy.

Click here to download The Armstrong Twins - Hillbilly Mandolin

This second LP was recorded after their "re-discovery" after the first LP was issued. The liner notes sort of tell the story.
This LP shows a heavy influence of Roy Acuff on their music over the years. Seven of the fourteen songs were Acuff numbers, some quite popular tunes, some sort of obscure Acuff recordings, such as Greenback Dollar and Beautiful Brown Eyes (of course these were common traditional songs and may have been learned elsewhere.
Listen and enjoy!

Click here to download The Armstrong Twins - Just Country Boys


  1. Wow! Both LPs which I think is all their commercial recordings. Great music! Many thanks

  2. What a fantastic set. The early recordings to me, are just a banjo and fiddle short of Bill Monroe during the days whilst playing with Lester and Earl. It is a big shame that these two did not record more.

  3. Great way to describe them HillBilly. There is more of a bluegrass influence sound on the early recordings than the later ones to me.