Sunday, November 29, 2009

Burl Ives - The Wayfaring Stanger - 10 inch Stinson LP!!

Here`s something that is surely un-common. A Burl Ives 10 inch LP on the Stinson Records label. The catalog number for this LP is SLP #1, so this must have been the first LP this label issued.I don`t know what year this was issued (there`s no date on the LP cover) but ole Burl looks pretty young. I think Columbia was the first out with 10 inch LP`s around 1948. I bet this is not much newer than 1948.
Any folk music fan will be familiar with Burl Ives. Besides maybe Pete Seeger, he is likely about the best know folk type singer. He was pretty popular in the 50`s.
I usually am not a fan of folk type music, especially protest type songs. I don`t really know why, I just never could get turned on to that. I wouldn`t call Burl a strictly folk singer though. His material had lots of old-time type songs and also alot of old ballad type stuff, especially English isle type ballads.
I really don`t know much about the personal life of Burl Ives. He was popular though. He was particularly good at connecting with children and had many kid type songs he performed. He was also in some movies. I remember seeing him in a western playing sort of a mean good guy once!
Now, I`ll give you a few words about 10 inch LP`s. Most of the 10 inch LP`s I`ve ever heard didn`t have any better sound quality than the 78`s that were being pressed at the same time. We usually think of LP`s having superior sound to the old 78`s, but that`s not usually the case with 10 inch LP`s. I just thought I`d say this so if you download this and the sound isn`t as good as you`d expect for an LP, this is the reason why. Hope you all like this one!

Track list---
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Buckeyed Jim
The Foggy Foggy Dew
The Fox
Henry Martin
The Blue Tail Fly
Brennan On The Moor
The Bold Soldier
The Sow Took The Measles
Black Is The Color

Click here to download Burl Ives - The Wayfaring Stranger


  1. Thanks for posting an interesting record.

    Wikipedia states:

    The Wayfaring Stranger (Asch 345) is an album consisting of three 10-inch records by Burl Ives. It was released in 1944, but it should not be confused with Ives' The Wayfaring Stranger (Columbia Set C-103), which was also released in 1944 but contains different songs. The Asch album includes the first releases of two signature songs by Ives: "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" and "The Blue Tail Fly."

    The same collection of songs was later reissued on the Stinson label as a 78 rpm album (Stinson 345), a 10-Inch LP (Stinson SLP-1), a 12-inch LP (also with catalog number Stinson SLP-1), and finally a cassette tape (Stinson CA-1). All of the Stinson releases with the exception of the 78 rpm album had two bonus tracks: "The Fox" and "Brennan on the Moor."

    A release date of 1963 is quoted for the Stinson LP reissue but no date for the 10".

  2. Thanks for this post. It is indeed un-common as you said.
    On the personal side I think he ratted on his fellow folk singers to the House of Un-American activities. Got a lot of 'em into trouble and blackballed.
    He was in "Cat on Hot Tin Roof" amongst quite a few films he made at that time.

  3. Very nostalgic. If I remember correctly, I bought this record in 1946,or 7. I'm pretty sure it wasn't as late as 48. By 48 I had a Folk-type music program on the MIT carrier curent radio station.

  4. Hello Mr. Karl--I`d say this is some of the very first LP`s ever issued.

  5. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Great post I was always quite wary of Burl Ives. I suppose because of the commercial "folk singer" label he acquired in the fifties. I always loved his voice but never picked up any records by him. Three of his songs were used to great affect in the new Wes Anderson film The Fantastic Mr. Fox and the second I heard Buckeye Jim in the film I was in love. Thanks for this.

  7. Anyone know what the 78 10" entire album book in great condition is worth?? I found some boxes with 100s of the old 78's and have no idea who to talk to to find out what they are worth?

  8. Thank you for this. I like Burl Ives and the titles of many of these songs. I look forward to hearing these versions.

    Best regards.


  9. I would like to sell my album of Then Wayfaring Stranger ( it has 3 ten inch records) Call at 831-320-5509

  10. Allen, could you please re-upload this? Thanks.