Monday, October 26, 2020

Lani McIntire Mission Beverages disc


So it`s been a long time since I`ve posted anything, and the weather is mighty nasty here today, so I thought today is a good time to post some warm Hawaiian music. This is a promotional disc made of cardboard, but the sound quality is quite good. I`m guessing this would have been made about 1950-ish.  I wonder if these cuts are from another recording or if they are unique only to this disc. I`m not going to go into any information on Lani McIntire as he was quite popular and there should be plenty of information on the interweb. Enjoy!


  1. Hawaii didn't become a state until August 1959. Given the advertising on the label and the fact that it would have been old news by 1960, the record was probably issued in 1959 though the individual cuts may have been recorded much earlier.

    1. Good catch! The answer was right in front of my eyes and it didn`t soak in.