Monday, October 26, 2020

Andy Devine in Tales Of The Golden West


Here`s a pretty unusual LP. Andy Devine had an unusual voice, and that`s what attracted me to this LP. There is absolutely no information on this LP jacket. I thought the disc would be Andy telling various stories about the west, but it turns out to a Wild Bill Hickok episode and Andy is in his Jingles character. I`m not sure, but I believe this was a series produced by Disney. Enjoy!

Click here to download Andy Devine in Tales Of The Golden West


  1. It sounds like Guy Madison with Devine, but it isn't the radio episode I had anticipated. As you suggested, it does sound like something from Disney but I would have expected Disney to brand it, rather than leaving it anonymous. I've followed your blog for a number of years and you continue to offer up unique material. I certainly hope you continue! Awhile back, Feb '18, you posted a Frank Welling & John McGhee disc and suggested that there were more to come. It would be much appreciated if that were to come to pass. Thank you!

    1. I kind of wondered if it`s possibly pirated from Disney.
      I do have MANY of Welling & McGhee`s discs, but I just can`t seem to find spare time to do all I want to do!