Thursday, January 24, 2019

Vess L. Ossman - Columbia 3525

Here`s one we are going WAY back on. Vess Ossman, the classic style banjoist, was an immensely popular recording artist in the early days. I`m not going to go into much information here about him, as there is plenty of information on the internet that is easily found.
The song is of course the great Scott Joplin ragtime number, Maple Leaf Rag. This is a single sided disc, so one tune is all we get. I`m guessing this was recorded about 1905. Sound quality is pretty good as my disc is pretty nice.

Click here to download Vess L. Ossman - Columbia 3626


  1. Buy a spinclean for 79.00 on amazon it works wonders on 78s takes out the dust i use it all the time it doesnt hurt the 78s like water and dish washing liqud plus it gets out what u can get out by hand deep dirt.

    1. I use both methods off and on and I have to say I can`t tell one way is better than the other. I have never damaged a disc using mild dish detergent, I always use Ivory when doing this and it`s likely the mildest.